How are WealthBaskets Created?

WealthBasketSep 08, 2023

WealthBaskets are meticulously crafted by a team of highly experienced investment professionals known as WealthBasket Curators. 

These dedicated individuals possess a wealth of expertise in the field of finance and are licensed by SEBI. The process employed by curators to make a WealthBasket is marked by rigor and precision.

Outlined below are the fundamental steps involved in the creation of WealthBaskets

1. Identification of Investment Themes

The curators carefully identify investment themes that are expected to deliver exceptional performance in the future. These themes may revolve around ideas, factors, sectors, industries, or geographical regions.

2. Screening of Stocks and ETFs

A comprehensive screening process is undertaken to identify stocks and ETFs that align with the chosen investment themes. This screening encompasses various factors, including valuation, growth potential, and risk.

3. In-Depth Research

Thorough research is conducted on the selected stocks and ETFs to assess their growth potential. This research involves in-depth analysis of financial statements, management interviews, and industry trends.

4. Construction 

Each WealthBasket is meticulously constructed by allocating a specific percentage to each selected stock and ETF. This allocation is determined by the curators’ evaluation of the securities’ risk and growth potential.

5. Monitoring 

The curators diligently monitor the performance of the WealthBasket on a regular basis. This active monitoring allows for timely adjustments to be made to the basket to ensure its alignment with growth objectives.

WealthBaskets are the culmination of a rigorous investment process designed to identify the most promising stocks and ETFs for each basket. With their steadfast focus on providing investors with a diversified and cost-effective investment solution, the curators strive to help investors realize their financial goals.